3 Reasons to Start Using a Password Manager Today!

Log in Faster
During a typical day, how many separate websites do you have to log into? Taking the time to enter complex passwords over and over again can be quite tedious. You need passwords for your email, your social media accounts, your online banking and probably other important tools and services. Each website you visit has its own unique requirements for how long or how complicated your password must be and how often you must change it. With a password manager you can log in once at the beginning of your day or your browsing session and instantly have access to all of your online accounts…no extra typing required!


Avoid Frustration
How many online accounts do you currently have? When was the last time you updated your important online passwords? You probably can’t recall. If you are required to change passwords for an account frequently it can be easy to mess up and type in an old password. Websites don’t like frequent log-in attempts and may choose to lock you out if you try too many combinations! All of this can create a huge headache when you are just trying to get through your day and accomplish simple tasks. Having a good password manager puts you back in control and provides one central place to verify and keep track of your online accounts. The number of passwords and usernames you can memorize has a limit, but a password manager can keep track of a huge number with no problem. Why not make your life easier?


Keep your accounts secure
Many people try to solve their password problems by using the same password on every website. This creates a huge (and unnecessary) security risk. If a hacker can uncover your username and your password on one site, what’s to stop them from trying that same password on another website you use? Think of how many websites you already have the same username for. This is why having diversity among your passwords is important. The more that you re-use the same password, the more likely it is that a hacker can “crack” that password on one small, poorly secured site and from there obtain access to all of your important online accounts.


How to Get Started?
Find a password manager that is recommended and reviewed by trustworthy sources. There are many to choose from. Make sure that you understand how the program works (is it online only? does it have an app for your phone?) and the specific benefits it provides. Check out these top password managers and start protecting yourself today: LastPass  Dashlane  1Password  RoboForm.


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New Year’s Confessions. Yes, I ate that chocolate bar.



It’s the first half of January. How many of us made a New Year’s Resolution?


Statistics say that as many as 45% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution. But only 8% of us keep them.


What’s the number 1 New Year’s Resolution? You guessed it- to lose weight.


Well that’s cheery news.


But wait.


Even if we can’t resist that chocolate bar, we can do something that will make us feel better than a candy bar. We can call our insurance agent and schedule a review of all of our insurance policies.


We can hear you thinking- “uhm, that is not better than a candy bar.”


OK, maybe it won’t be better than a candy bar. But we can catch up on what happened last year in your life, laugh about funny things that happened and talk seriously about the sad things of life that happen to all of us. We can also make sure that you are covered properly and also not paying more than you need to be paying.


2 Reasons To Review Your Insurance


Reason #1
New discounts, new rules and new laws can change the insurance landscape- and that can affect you for better or worse. It’s our job to know things you don’t know. Stuff changes out there in “insurance-land.” Call us and ask us if any of it affects your coverage or rates.


Reason #2
Life changes mean that insurance needs can change. If you had someone move out of the house or into the house last year (like a new birth!), you need to make sure that your insurance coverage still meets your needs. Did anyone get married or divorced? Did you add an addition to your house last year? How about a pool or a deck? What about the new dog you adopted? Did you get anything valuable for Christmas- and is it properly covered? Call us to ask. We want to hear what’s changed in your life.
We wish you a Happy New Year, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your business.


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Photo, Death By Chocolate, courtesy JD Hancock. Article used with permission.

Holiday Hazards – 7 Lurking Dangers

December brings with it lots of holiday cheer, and shouts of Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and even non-traditional holiday greetings (we’ll never forget George Costanza and Happy Festivus).
But in the middle of all the holiday joy, there are seven lurking hazards in your home. (There are more, but we needed a number for this short article, so we picked seven.) All kidding aside, please run through this list quickly, and make sure that your family is safe this holiday season.


Christmas Tree

Even if you have an artificial Christmas tree, it can be a hazard. Do you have little ones (or little pets) that are part of the holiday celebration? If so, make sure your tree is securely anchored to its base, and that it is “steady on its feet.” If it’s a large tree, and there are lots of children or pets running around, you could consider anchoring it at the top with a thin fishing line attached to the wall behind it.


Real Christmas Trees Catch Fire. We all know this. So let’s be careful and not leave lights on the tree turned on while we are asleep or away from the house. Remember to water your tree regularly. Don’t place your real tree near the fireplace or a space heater. Think of and plan for the worse, and then you will be able to be a kid again at Christmas while your own kids are safe.



Now is a good time to ask-
“Honey, when is the last time we had the chimney cleaned?”If it’s been more than a year, stop now, ask Siri to find a chimney sweep, and schedule a cleaning. While you are waiting for them to come out, you can check the glass doors to make sure there are no cracks, and look at the outside to make sure masonry is intact. And don’t forget to do the obvious- check the damper to make sure it is in working order. There are more fireplace safety tips here.



Lights on the tree should be checked to make sure they are in good working order. Get rid of questionable sockets, bulbs and even entire strings if necessary. Extension cords in the house should conform to proper UL standards. A new extension cord is cheap insurance. Here is an excellent safety sheet with more ideas about holiday lights safety.

Outside lights need the same attention. Weather is the enemy of electrical safety outside. So check those strings carefully before turning them on.



We love our holiday candles. But how many of us accidentally leave candles burning while we are away from home, or asleep at night. Let’s try hard this year to remember that fires started by candles are a major cause of holiday tragedy. December 23, 24 and Christmas Day are three of the top five days that candle-caused fires happen.



Plants are a safety hazard? Yes they are, especially around the holiday season. Poinsettias, mistletoe and holly are all poisonous to children and animals. Ask your mom- you put stuff in your mouth as a toddler that scared her to death. We all did. So let’s remember that and keep poisonous plants out of reach of littles this season.



This year has been proof-positive that ice can reach out and touch us in painful ways. Make sure you pick up sidewalk deicer and sand or grit, and use it liberally before company comes walking up your slippery steps. You can even use kitty litter. You don’t need a trip to the emergency room to spoil that anticipated family get-together.



The holidays see more people in the emergency room for food poisoning than any other time of year. Learn these four food safety tips from the US Food And Drug Administration: Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill. We’ll focus on the most forgotten one: Chill. Don’t leave food out longer than two hours. Yes, we know, the football game is intense, and it’s easy to forget. So set a timer (“Siri, remind me to put away the food”).



Here’s a final bonus one: check your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.


Happy -and safe- Holidays to you all!